What Is A Refer Back?
Ref Back is a reliable way to make money by joining sites and getting percentage of what your sponsor is earning. In this case I will be your sponsor and I will be the one paying for your clicks when you join the sites below.
How Does Ref Back Works?
What You Need To Do To Earn?

You have to choose a site listed below and join.  Then submit a ticket stating the site's name and your username.  You will receive a confirmation whether you're in my downline or not.  If you are in my downline you can then start clicking, if not you have to re-register and clear your cache so you can appear in my downline.

Each click you make will earn you more, because aside from your actual clicks and earnings, I will give you percent of what I will earn from your activity and clicks from your chosen site.

What Are The Payment Methods?

Payments are made after I have been paid on the site you have joined in.  You can choose to be paid in PerfectMoney or I can add your earnings in your account balance here in Expresswage.  Minimum payment in PerfectMoney should be $ 1.

50% Ref Back - If I earn $ 1 from your clicks I will pay you $ 0.5

70% Ref Back - If I earn $ 1 from your clicks I will pay you $ 0.7
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Rules & Regulations of The Forum
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Spamming Is Not Allowed, You
Can't Have Duplicate Topics.
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