How To Earn

How to earn free altcoins? There are many ways to earn altcoins, but the easiest and free way to collect different kinds of coins is through faucets. Cryptocurrency faucets gives away free coins with time interval. Faucet owners give free coins in exchange for website traffic.

When you finish all your registration and have accounts on the sites above.

1. Verify your registration using your email address.
2. Log in to your wallet and get your wallet address.
3. Log in to your faucethub account and add your wallet address to your account. Click the Wallet Addresses tab enter you wallet address and what type of cryptocurrecy wallet your adding.
4. Choose what coins you want to collect here
5. If you want to collect all coins then sign up for cryptonator wallet and add all the addresses in your faucethub account.

how to earn bitcoin and altcoins image

Chose the coins that you want collect. A new page will open with different faucet links.

Enter your wallet address to the blank space and then click the claim button.

how to earn bitcoin enter your wallet address image

Solve the captcha and the cheat link to collect your free coins.

how to earn bitcoin solve captcha image

After collecting your coins, check your faucethub account. Your coins should be in your account.